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AMH Test Systems believes in saving people involved in quality control both time and money.

By automating and simplifying the repetitive processes that manufacturers and researchers have to undertake in order to meet their goals, we can make gathering reliable, repeatable data about your product less of a chore.

We do this using National Instruments™ measurement equipment and their LabVIEW™ software to design test systems that are easy to operate, give real-time measurements and analysis, and store all the data you need for your records.

We have the highest levels of LabVIEW certification (Certified LabVIEW Architect)and are a National Instruments Alliance Partner.

Our systems can be run from a normal PC or, if the requirements for timing and ruggedisation are more rigorous, from any one of National Instruments families of real-time or PXI industrial controllers. Systems may be designed for Windows, real-time operating systems or, for maximum performance, using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA).

Our areas of expertise include: Acoustics; Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH), rotating machinery, power tools, car engine components; strain gauges and accelerometers; voltage, current, temperature and pressure.

The aim of any LabVIEW-based test system is to provide flexibility in the design of the test system, thereby allowing a completely bespoke test system to be produced. This flexibility allows changes and updates to be made far more easily than in a traditional multi-box test system.

Another advantage of this approach is simplicity of use. In an ideal world we aim to produce a simple user-interface with a big green “GO” button and a simple “PASS/FAIL” at the end. Any additional parameter setup can easily be hidden from test operators behind an admin screen. In addition a LabVIEW test system is capable of real-time analysis or data can be stored to a hard drive for offline analysis.

If you have a need for a quality control system in order to validate your design or to verify your product on the production line then please contact us.