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I help scientists and engineers improve their test processes and the quality of their products through automation.

If you are a scientist or engineer who needs to test a process or product in order to determine if it is fit for purpose, then I can automate and simplify that process for you. I can simplify the acquisition, analysis and logging of data, so that you have the necessary data to improve your product. At the same time I aim to save you valuable time and, by extension, money.

I do this using National Instruments™ measurement equipment and their LabVIEW™ software. I have the highest levels of LabVIEW certification (Certified LabVIEW Architect) and I am also a National Instruments Alliance Partner.

My areas of expertise include: Acoustics; Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH), rotating machinery, power tools, car engine components; strain gauges and accelerometers; voltage, current, temperature and pressure.

The aim of any LabVIEW-based test system is to provide flexibility in the design of the test system, thereby allowing a completely bespoke test system to be produced. This flexibility allows changes and updates to be made far more easily than in a traditional multi-box test system.

Another advantage of this approach is simplicity of use. In an ideal world we aim to produce a simple user-interface with a big green “GO” button and a simple “PASS/FAIL” at the end. Any additional parameter setup can easily be hidden from test operators behind an admin screen. In addition a LabVIEW test system is capable of real-time analysis or data can be stored to a hard drive for offline analysis.

If you have a need for a quality control system in order to validate your design or to verify your product on the production line then please contact us.