Do you make an engineered product that you send out to customers? If so, how do you make sure that the product you send out is fit for purpose?

How do you know it’s going to last the guarantee period and not be returned for an expensive repair?

Well, quality control I suspect. But what if your product is unique enough that you can’t just buy test gear off the shelf.

What if you need something bespoke?

This is where I can help you. My name is Malcolm Myers and I set up AMH Test Systems to help customers with their specific test system requirements.

I specialise in creating bespoke test systems using National Instruments hardware and LabVIEW software.

I’ve been a Certified LabVIEW Architect for several years and have worked on dozens of LabVIEW test systems.

So, if you feel that your product might benefit from a bespoke test system that automates your processes, speeds them up, makes them more reliable and, in the long run, saves you money, then get in touch and we can discuss how AMH Test Systems can help you.